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The Year Wall Street Got Sustainable Investing

By Amy Domini, Founder, Domini Impact Investments

Recently the Financial Times published an article stating that Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, had announced that “sustainable investing will be a core component for how everyone invests in the future.” He further explained that sustainable investing did not lead to lower returns and that in his opinion such a strategy will lead to higher returns. It wasn’t so long ago that the SRI field was considered an outlier in the world of finance, and now it is the declared future of financial asset management.

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It’s Time to Invest in Her

By Joe Keefe, President and CEO, Pax World Funds

As engaged investors, we need to persuade the companies in our investment portfolios to say loudly and clearly: We will no longer tolerate gender inequality — on our boards, in our executive suites, in our workplaces or in our supply chains. Our industry cannot even begin to talk about investing in the transition to a more sustainable global economy unless gender equality is a core component of that transition. Eradicating gender inequality could help unleash perhaps the greatest period of economic growth in the history of the planet.

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Three ESG Trends in Asia to Watch in 2019

By Vivek Tanneeru, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia

For investors interested in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies, a regionally diversified approach can help capture global growth. In the coming year, Asia offers a prime opportunity to invest in profitable companies addressing critical ESG challenges through robust and sustainable business models. ESG innovation in Asia is evident across many sectors, including health care and pharmaceuticals, technology, finance and alternative energy. To fully capture the growth and profits of the world’s most innovative ESG companies, it is worth considering Asia.

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ESG Outlook for 2019

By Katherine Collins, Head of Sustainable Investing, Putnam Investments

Amidst all of the important improvements in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data, all of the thoughtful research reports, and all innovative new investment options, another, deeper trend has taken root. As we turn towards 2019, we see increasing evidence that Systems Thinking is becoming more prevalent and influential throughout corporations and the sustainable investment community. This subtle, under-the-surface development is one of the most vital requirements for effective long-term investing. Systems Thinking aims to understand the whole, in addition to the individual parts.

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What Would the Good Samaritan Do?

By Mark Regier, Vice President, Praxis Mutual Funds

The phrase “What would Jesus do?” emerged in American consciousness during the 1990s as motto for many Christians seeking to regularly reflect on how the moral teachings of Jesus could be reflected in their daily lives. Whether one participates in organized religion or not, the idea of finding a mechanism that calls us to step outside of our personal situation to view things from a different, morally-grounded perspective can have many benefits especially for values-driven investors.

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Inspired Stewardship

By Teresa Romano Roybal, Minister, The River Santa Fe

Each financial seed we plant in each and every field we choose, is only destined for success if all the criteria in the divine mandate has been met. Good seed in good soil and people of integrity managing the process. Unethical practices, policies or products erode human dignity and moral enterprise. Placing little value on honesty and ethics creates a morally hazardous field and a harvest of unsustainability. Is faith and trust a commodity to be traded? I don’t believe so.

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The High Calling of Business

By Jason Myhre, Managing Partner, Eventide Asset Mgmt

God gives us work and entrusts us with the task of world-making. In the story of creation, God created the garden rich with latent potential, yet withheld the task of completing it for the people he would make. God intends humanity, through work, to be his partner in developing the world. Humanity was to enlarge the locus of the beauty and provision of the garden, in all our culture making, throughout the world and for the benefit of all. Many Christians believe that the purpose of business is to serve the global common good.

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God Calls His Followers to Honor Him with Their Finances

By Robert Knight, Communications Adviser, Timothy Partners

With the rising number of “responsible” funds in the early 90s, there wasn’t really an option for Christian conservatives to invest without compromising their beliefs, in life and family values. In 1994, under Art Ally’s leadership, the Timothy Plan unveiled its fund aimed at evangelical Christians. Secular investment firms weren’t thrilled by the arrival of Timothy Plan’s Biblically Responsible Investments, but investors were, and today there are over a dozen successful BRI-based mutual funds with billions in assets.

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The Future of “Clean” Energy

By Murray Rosenblith, Co-Manager, New Alternatives Fund

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that two-thirds of the world’s power will be generated by renewable resources by 2050. This projection is based on the continuing growth of new renewable power generation projects, primarily wind and solar. Conditions have certainly changed since New Alternatives Fund entered the investment world in 1982. Our Fund’s approach has always been to consider the broad sector of energy and related environmental areas like clean water, clean air, and naturally grown and organic food. Energy is not just the production of electric power we also see conservation and efficiency playing major roles.

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Decarbonize, Decentralize and Democratize: Investing in a More Just Energy Future

By Jess Brooks, Chief Development Officer, Sunwealth

At Sunwealth, we invest in a sustainable future by financing diverse renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen local resilience and bring the benefits of renewable energy to under-served communities. Since 2014, we have financed over 70 solar installations on rooftops and in open spaces. We are poised to invest over $12 million in solar energy and storage projects in 2018, more than double our 2017 investment. We have a 2019 pipeline of over $40 million in new solar projects that will provide 20 megawatts of solar power across 50 communities.

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