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Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective explores the links between food systems and our changing climate with an emphasis on systems thinking. A systems approach helps to illuminate how seemingly disconnected phenomena are often dynamically linked and can be understood best when viewed in a larger context.

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The challenge is clear for global food and beverage companies: as the population rises, the agriculture sector they rely on will need to produce more food with fewer greenhouse gas emissions while shifting toward farm practices that conserve or restore diminishing water and soil resources. Sustainable sourcing strategies and supply chain transparency are essential for the food and beverage industry to ensure that their suppliers are making these critical changes. As significant owners of and lenders to companies, investors can be a major force in driving more sustainable practices.

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Putting our Feminism into our Finances

By Kristin Hull, Founder and CEO, Nia Impact Capital

From wealth advisors and fund managers, to start up entrepreneurs, to company leadership at the board and executive levels, intuitively we have long known the need for greater gender diversity within the financial industry. Research shows a variety of benefits for companies, and their investors, that embrace inclusivity. With findings that show diverse teams are more innovative (leading to increased revenue generation) and that companies with women in leadership perform better during times of financial uncertainty, we are well on our way to making a strong financial case for inclusion.

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New research finds businesses are making money from planting trees and growing sales as rapidly as 10 times per year

Many investors don t know what restoration is or realize the extent of its potential. A new report by World Resources Institute (WRI – www.wri.org) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC – www.nature.org) reveals that businesses around the world are making money by planting trees, unleashing a growth opportunity for venture capital, private equity and impact investors. The research indicates the restoration economy is at a tipping point.

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AquaWeb - Ray of Hope - GreenMoneyJournal.com
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Grand prize for biomimicry acceleration goes to Team NexLoop for AquaWeb, an innovative water capture system designed for use in urban food systems.

By 2050, 9 billion people will live on our planet, and 70% of them will live in cities, creating a demand for sustainable local food production solutions. An international team based in New York City has developed a prototype product that mimics the way living systems capture, store, and distribute water, and has been awarded the 2017 $100,000 Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope Prize in the Biomimicry Global Design read more

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Jul 17 – Jul 21 all-day

Moscow, Russia

One of the leading events in the world for social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact with a special World Cup edition. With more than 2,500 speakers since inception and a record attendance, Moscow will be our biggest global event ever. As well, special celebrations & parties will be held in addition to this major world gathering of global impact & sustainability leaders. Tracks include – Global Ecosystem of Impact, SRI & ESG Investing; Sustainable Strategies & Innovation (Global Multinationals); Smart Cities ’18- Global Edition; read more