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Caring about a company’s values has grown into a multi-trillion dollar industry

By David Brancaccio
August 22, 2017 | 6:36 AM

People generally like to measure a business’s worthiness based on its bottom line — not its values. But over the past couple of decades, socially responsible investing (SRI) has grown into an industry worth trillions. Cliff Feigenbaum, who founded GreenMoney Journal 25 years ago, joined us to talk about the increase in people who are matching their values with their portfolios.

Interview with Cliff Feigenbaum on The Wealth Confidant Podcast

As GreenMoney wraps up its 25th Anniversary Year, founder Cliff Feigenbaum gives a wide-ranging interview on The Wealth Confidant Podcast with its host John Christianson, of Highland Private Wealth Mgmt.

Liesel Pritzker Simmons: Stewarding Inheritance on the Stairway to Blue Haven

Liesel Pritzker Simmons, Co-Founder and Principal of Blue Haven Initiative, oversees their portfolio focused on holdings that generate competitive financial returns while addressing social and environmental challenges. Liesel is also Co-Founder of Chicago-based IDP Foundation, where she helped create the IDP Rising Schools Program, which leverages microfinance networks to empower nearly 450 low-cost private schools.


GreenMoney Journal’s 25th Anniversary with Cliff Feigenbaum


Cliff Feigenbaum: GreenMoney Turns 25 – The Evolution of Sustainable Business & Impact Investing

Lift Economy

Impact Boom

Impact Boom searches the globe to find the people, stories & inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact. Cliff Feigenbaum founder of GreenMoney Journal discusses his top tips for socially responsible investing, using your money to change the world, shareholder activism and his 25 year journey with GreenMoney.

The Money Life

The Money Life is about investing, handling, managing, planning for and protecting your money. Hosted by Chuck Jaffe, senior columnist for MarketWatch, in this podcast Chuck interviews Cliff Feigenbaum, founder of GreenMoney Journal, to discuss GreenMoney’s 25th Anniversary and the world of sustainable investing.

Next Economy Now (LIFT Economy)

Next Economy Now from LIFT Economy features Bren Smith, GreenWave Executive Director and owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm– a pioneer in the development of restorative 3D ocean farming. Bren’s ocean farming model is designed to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and create blue-green jobs for fishermen – while ensuring healthy, local food for communities.

Episode 45: Live from Silicon Valley, the future of the clean economy

This week on the GreenBiz 350 podcast: A glimpse into the future of energy, cities and jobs from VERGE 16 in Santa Clara, California.

Cliff Feigenbaum on The Prosperity Show

Joan Sotkin host of The Prosperity Show talked with Cliff Feigenbaum of the GreenMoney Journal on a recent Podcast. Cliff has been involved with sustainable and responsible investing for over 20 years — longer than most people.

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