February 2019
Millennials & Money

Millennial entrepreneurs share their experiences of shareholder activism, careers in impact investing and how their generation expresses social, political and environmental values with their money.

Yuliya Tarasava - CNote - Impact - GreenMoney

How Impact Investing Can Change Our Relationship with Money

Yuliya Tarasava
Co-Founder and COO, CNote
Millennials see investment decisions as a way to express their social, political and environmental values. With CNote, we make investing simple and impactful. Our members’ money works towards revitalizing communities; building affordable housing; and getting women and minorities business loans.

Nikishka Iyengar - The Guild - Impact

On Impact Investing and Building the Next Economy

Nikishka Iyengar
Founder and CEO, The Guild
I examine my personal finances by asking myself three overarching questions: How am I making money? How am I investing it? And how am I spending it? As a full-time social entrepreneur, I routinely ask myself if I’m making money in a way that allows me to have a real impact.

Kelly Coyne VP, Impax AM and Pax Ellevate Mgmt - GreenMoney

The Best Kept Secret: A Career in Financial Services

Kelly Coyne
VP, Impax AM and Pax Ellevate Mgmt.
Companies that are winning at attracting millennials are nailing it on culture and values. My career path is a perfect example. I left a large mutual fund company to join a sustainable investing firm because its focus on investing for both performance and impact resonated with me.

Gabe Rissman,Co-Founder and President, Yourstake.org - GreenMoney

How Exxon Taught Me That Shareholders Can Change the World

Gabe Rissman
Co-Founder and President, Yourstake.org
I rose to the podium, looked at Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, and asked “Why does Exxon fund climate-denying organizations [like ALEC], when you publicly support a carbon tax?” Tillerson deflected the question saying “we would never impinge on ALEC’s free speech.” Two years later, Exxon ceased funding them.

Erika Andraca - Nia - Millennials - GreenMoney

Millennials & Money: Insights from an Often Overlooked Community

Erika Andraca
Director, Operations, Nia Impact Capital
As a millennial, my generation has little trust in large institutions — from governmental offices to our large banks and financial institutions. We want our money aligned with our values and desires for a more sustainable planet. We are poised to catalyze big shifts in how financial services operate.

Kate Poole - Natural Investments - GreenMoney

The Spiritual Growth of Wealth Redistribution

Kate Poole
Investment Advisor, Natural Investments
Thinking about and talking about money and investing has a huge impact on how we understand ourselves, our families and our relationships. My advice to millennials about money is to find spiritual practices that support you as you navigate financial conversations and decisions.

February 2019 Additional Articles

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Green Alpha Next Economy Index Achieves Ten-Year Milestone

The Next Economy Index’s strong track record demonstrates that climate change-focused, innovation-driven investing offers an effective way to preserve and create wealth. The strategy currently holds 115 publicly traded companies.

Natixis Investment Managers Launches Mirova International Sustainable Equity Fund

The fund focuses on solutions to major global transitions such as demographics, environmental issues, technological advances, and governance changes by investing in companies with a positive impact on the UN SDGs, while avoiding companies that have a negative impact.
Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Mutual Funds Performance Chart

This chart displays all SRI mutual funds offered by US SIF's member firms, allowing investors to compare cost, financial performance, screens and voting records of competing funds. Bloomberg LP provides the financial performance data.

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