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Should Your Investment Strategy Incorporate a Climate Risk Discount?

By Cyrus Lotfipour, Vice President, MSCI and MSCI ESG Research

Consider these recent developments - California emerged from drought in 2017; fewer companies reported impacts associated with water scarcity; and the average freshwater intensity of companies in the MSCI ACWI Index dropped by 15 percent. While these are positive short term signals for investors concerned with water scarcity, 2017 was also the most costly in U.S. history for natural disasters. This underscored the thinking behind a key trend that MSCI ESG Research identified last year - institutional investors are shifting their portfolio analysis from the measurement of regulatory risks to physical risks.

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Water and Investing: Is Your Portfolio on the Growth Side of Disruption?

By Lydia Miller, Senior Vice President, Dana Investment Advisors

Water and Investing - Lydia Miller - GreenMoneyJournal.com

Water is a systemic risk to investors, as in many parts of the United States and other areas of the world this precious resource is in danger. Investors and market players should be deepening their research and investment process to tackle water risks, often hidden in holdings across all asset classes. As investment advisors, how do we first protect our clients from these risks, and how do we position these same clients to benefit from the growth opportunities in companies that are providing innovative systems, products and services to solve water quantity, quality and resilience issues?

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A Bill of Rights for Clean Water

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President/Senior Attorney, Waterkeeper Alliance

A Bill of Rights -RFK - GreenMoneyJournal.com

The protection of our shared environment is among government’s most fundamental responsibilities. Throughout history, the first acts of tyrants have included efforts to deliver public-trust assets into private hands. King John attempted to sell off the country’s fisheries, place tolls on rivers, seize its woodlands and game animals. Enraged by this, England’s people forced him to sign the Magna Carta. That seminal democratic document included a powerful articulation of the principle that the commons of water, fisheries and woodland were not commodities to be bartered away, but the rightful property of all citizens.

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AIM2Flourish: Business Education Meets Business for Good

By Megan Buchter, Operations Manager, AIM2Flourish at FCB

A new generation of business students is becoming aware of the opportunity to do good and still be profitable in their current and future careers. Overwhelmingly, Millennials say that they are looking for careers that provide good work-life balance and give them a sense of purpose over simply making money. Here are two examples of companies profiled on AIM2Flourish.com, run by Millennials who are out to change the world with their drive, passion, and dedication to be a force for good. Both companies were awarded an inaugural Flourish Prize in 2017.

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Millennials & Money: We’re Not as Different as You Think

By Kelly Coyne, VP, Global Women’s Strategies, Impax Asset Mgmt/Pax World Funds

The financial services industry is a bit obsessed with trying to understand the next generation of investors – the notorious millennials. And for good reason – millennials represent the largest generation in history with a spending power of over $1.5 trillion. Many millennials are well into their wealth accumulation phase and have already begun to inherit $30 trillion in the largest wealth transfer ever. As a millennial working in SRI, I believe, that for everyone, money is inherently personal, complicated and ultimately a vehicle to attain the goal of living a rewarding life.

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Investing in Our Nation’s Future: No One Left Behind

By Will deHoo, Founder & Executive Director, FoolProof Foundation

Walter Cronkite was the legendary CBS News anchorman known as “The most trusted man in America.” In 2003, I had the chance to go sailing with Mr. Cronkite, we talked constantly while tacking our way through the waters off the British Virgin Islands and while visiting his friend, Remar Sutton, who I worked for. Having the opportunity to talk for hours on end with such an iconic figure was life changing for me. From those wind-swept discussions the FoolProof Foundation was born. The big question we needed to answer was: is financial education, as it exists, working?

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Providing Millennials with the Financial Planning They Need

By Lauryn Williams, 4x Olympian and founder, Worth Winning

There are two opinions about millennials floating around society. The first is that our generation is lazy, and we feel "entitled." The second is that we are going to change the world because we don't settle for following in the set paths that have been established before us. As a millennial that has had to work hard on all levels, including being a 4x Olympian and an entrepreneur in financial planning, I agree with the second opinion. Millennials are different than previous generations, but that's how we are going to set ourselves apart.

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Building an Economy That Works for Everyone

By Betsy Biemann, CEO and Keith Bisson, President, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Last year, as CEI conducted a strategic review as part of our leadership transition, we found ourselves asking the same questions that were being asked across the country, on both sides of the political aisle. At the heart of those questions was the recognition that our economy is not working for everyone. And a major takeaway was that rural regions, gateway cities, and the people who live there were being left behind. Maine-based CEI is taking strides to change that, from investing in small businesses, job training programs, and pragmatic policy solutions.

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Local Investing for Impact: A New Tool for Place-Focused Foundations

By Deb Markley, Senior Vice President, LOCUS Impact Investing

After decades of working at the intersection of community development, philanthropy and community economic development, we see a significant shift in how philanthropic assets are being used to build vibrant, prosperous communities. Many place-focused foundations are seeking to complement their grantmaking with local investments to create greater impact in their own communities. There’s a growing recognition that traditional grantmaking is not enough to address complex, tough community issues like early childhood education, affordable and energy efficient housing, good jobs and career opportunities for all.

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Invest Close to Home with the Homewise Community Investment Fund

By Laura Altomare, CFRM, Director of Communications and Development, Homewise

Homewise is a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that offers a comprehensive suite of homeownership services for low-to-moderate income individuals and families, many of whom have been largely underserved by traditional lending institutions. Our services include financial education and coaching, real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, home improvement and refinance lending, real estate development and disinvested property rehabilitation. Each of our services is designed to bolster our other services, providing a one-stop resource for creating an accessible and affordable path to successful homeownership.

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