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Introduction – February 2017

By Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP, Your Greatest Contribution, Guest Editor

There is much debate about the millennial generation. Some of our predecessors call us lazy and coddled, while others accuse us of being entitled. While we certainly dispute those characterizations, what is not up for debate is our desire to leave the world a better place. We are civic-minded, entrepreneurial spirited and open to learn from those who do not look or think like us. In this issue of GreenMoney Journal, you will hear from four Millennials who are in various stages of their careers: two who have ventured out on their own to make an impact in their own special way, and two who choose the corporate path. Each writer brings a unique lens on what it means to make a sustainable impact.


The Behavioral Benefits of Values-based Investing

By Dr. Daniel Crosby, President of Nocturne Capital and the New York Times bestselling author of The Laws of Wealth

I am a son of the American South and a student of her often troubled history. A native Alabaman, I now live in Atlanta and only recently became aware of an instance where Coca-Cola used corporate power to do social good in the Civil Rights Era. In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the city of Atlanta was preparing a formal dinner befitting of this great honor. Invitations went out to the city’s elites but almost no one responded. Worried, Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen expressed his concerns to Robert Woodruff, the former president of the soft drink giant and still one of the most powerful people in town.

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Banking on Data to Power the Impact Investing Movement

By Sean Tennerson, Program Officer, The Case Foundation

For those of you who know the Case Foundation, we’re bullish on the impact investing movement and the power of private capital for public good. While still a relatively small market, impact investments are surging, with some seeing a trillion-dollar market potential by 2020. Against that context, we do a lot of thinking about what is standing in the way of tipping significantly more interested investors to activated investors.

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Investing isn’t Enough: 6 Things You Need to do to Grow Your Wealth

By Gabriel Anderson, a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Crafted Wealth Management

Let’s take a break from talking about investments. Yeah, yeah. This is a journal about Sustainable Investing, but what is it you’re really after? What’s the reason you’re investing in the first place? Have you thought about where you’d like to end up? How will you know that you accomplished what you’ve set out to accomplish if you haven’t defined your goal? Investments are an important tool but they become more powerful when you view them as a part of your larger financial life strategy.

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Climate Change and Women’s Rights: The Opportunity for Action

By Najada Kumbuli, Officer, Strategic Initiatives at Calvert Foundation

Are you a millennial? I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that climate change and gender equality — two key issues you care about — will cost our generation over $30 trillion*; that is the equivalent of the American, Chinese and Japanese economies combined. The good news is that, while scary, we can use our voices and investable assets to create real change, quickly!

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by Pat Miguel Tomaino, Associate Director of Socially Responsible Investing, Zevin Asset Management

Marketers are obsessed with attracting Millennials, and their pitches can look downright desperate. Domino’s invites young customers to order a large cheese with a pizza emoji. According to Bloomberg, net sales at Banana Republic dropped 10 percent even after it partnered with the popular Instagram account “Hot Dudes Reading.”

The investment industry seems equally flummoxed. Confronted with low financial literacy among the generation now aged 18 to 35, wealth managers are read more

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Offering New Insights and Resources from the Frontier of Impact Investing

Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, recently released T100: Launch “Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing,” in a presentation at the GIIN Investor Forum 2016 in Amsterdam. It is the first report in a longitudinal study of impact investing portfolios of Toniic members, starting with 51 portfolios. The data analyzed reveals that 100% values alignment can be achieved today in the investment portfolios of high net worth individuals, foundations, and family offices, including those portfolios seeking market-rate returns. The inaugural read more

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Is Your Mutual Fund Company Taking Climate Change Seriously?

By Rob Berridge, Director of Shareholder Engagement, Ceres

Examining how the nation’s largest mutual fund companies voted on climate-related shareholder resolutions in 2015 and 2016. The results are revealing.

The vast majority of climate scientists (97 percent) believe climate change is real, but what about your mutual fund company? We examined how the nation’s largest mutual fund companies voted on climate-related shareholder resolutions in 2015 and 2016. The results are revealing.

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A New Fund Seeks Both Financial and Social Returns

By Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times

Just about every big Wall Street firm and big-time philanthropist has recently tried to get in on what’s often called double bottom line investing. The idea is that an investment isn’t just intended to score a high return; perhaps more important, it is supposed to make a significant difference in an area that had been considered un-investable. Goldman Sachs, for example, created social impact bonds to reduce the recidivism rate for adolescent offenders at the Rikers Island correctional facility in New York City.

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