February 2018
Millenials & Money

February Feature Image: Planet Rewind by Dutch millennial designer, Britt Berden, which was presented at the 2017 Dutch Design Week as part of PLAN B, a project that aims to educate people on the process and effects of climate engineering – and to help them visualize potential harmful consequences. Read more


- Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal 

Providing Millennials with the Financial Planning They Need

Lauryn Williams
4x Olympian and founder, Worth Winning
There are two opinions about millennials floating around society. The first is that our generation is lazy, and we feel "entitled." The second is that we are going to change the world because we don't settle for following in the set paths that have been established before us. As a millennial that has had to work hard on all levels, including being a 4x Olympian and an entrepreneur in financial planning, I agree with the second opinion. Millennials are different than previous generations, but that's how we are going to set ourselves apart. Read More

Investing in Our Nation’s Future: No One Left Behind

Will deHoo
Founder & Executive Director, FoolProof Foundation
Walter Cronkite was the legendary CBS News anchorman known as “The most trusted man in America.” In 2003, I had the chance to go sailing with Mr. Cronkite, we talked constantly while tacking our way through the waters off the British Virgin Islands and while visiting his friend, Remar Sutton, who I worked for. Having the opportunity to talk for hours on end with such an iconic figure was life changing for me. From those wind-swept discussions the FoolProof Foundation was born. The big question we needed to answer was: is financial education, as it exists, working?
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Millennials & Money: We’re Not as Different as You Think

Kelly Coyne
VP, Global Women’s Strategies, Impax Asset Mgmt/Pax World Funds
The financial services industry is a bit obsessed with trying to understand the next generation of investors – the notorious millennials. And for good reason – millennials represent the largest generation in history with a spending power of over $1.5 trillion. Many millennials are well into their wealth accumulation phase and have already begun to inherit $30 trillion in the largest wealth transfer ever. As a millennial working in SRI, I believe, that for everyone, money is inherently personal, complicated and ultimately a vehicle to attain the goal of living a rewarding life.
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AIM2Flourish: Business Education Meets Business for Good

Megan Buchter
Operations Manager, AIM2Flourish at FCB
A new generation of business students is becoming aware of the opportunity to do good and still be profitable in their current and future careers. Overwhelmingly, Millennials say that they are looking for careers that provide good work-life balance and give them a sense of purpose over simply making money. Here are two examples of companies profiled on AIM2Flourish.com, run by Millennials who are out to change the world with their drive, passion, and dedication to be a force for good. Both companies were awarded an inaugural Flourish Prize in 2017.
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February 2018 Additional Articles

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Liesel Pritzker Simmons: Stewarding Inheritance on the Stairway to Blue Haven

Leisel - GreenMoney Journal

Lift Economy Now interviews Liesel Pritzker Simmons, Co-Founder and Principal of Blue Haven Initiative. Blue Haven's portfolio is focused on holdings that generate competitive financial returns while addressing social and environmental challenges. Liesel is also Co-Founder of Chicago-based IDP Foundation, where she helped create the IDP Rising Schools Program, which leverages microfinance networks to empower nearly 450 low-cost private schools.


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