March 2018

The Future of Water

March Feature Image: Pictured above is Drifting Away created by Swedish photographer and artist Erik Johansson. His work can best be described as surreal scenes created by combining different photographs. In contrast to traditional photography he doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas with the help of his camera and imagination. See more


- Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal 

A Bill of Rights for Clean Water

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
President/Senior Attorney, Waterkeeper Alliance
The protection of our shared environment is among government’s most fundamental responsibilities. Throughout history, the first acts of tyrants have included efforts to deliver public-trust assets into private hands. King John attempted to sell off the country’s fisheries, place tolls on rivers, seize its woodlands and game animals. Enraged by this, England’s people forced him to sign the Magna Carta. That seminal democratic document included a powerful articulation of the principle that the commons of water, fisheries and woodland were not commodities to be bartered away, but the rightful property of all citizens. Read More

Lydia Miller -

Water and Investing: Is Your Portfolio on the Growth Side of Disruption?

Lydia Miller
Senior Vice President, Dana Investment Advisors
Water is a systemic risk to investors, as in many parts of the United States and other areas of the world this precious resource is in danger. Investors and market players should be deepening their research and investment process to tackle water risks, often hidden in holdings across all asset classes. As investment advisors, how do we first protect our clients from these risks, and how do we position these same clients to benefit from the growth opportunities in companies that are providing innovative systems, products and services to solve water quantity, quality and resilience issues?
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Should Your Investment Strategy Incorporate a Climate Risk Discount?

Cyrus Lotfipour
Vice President, MSCI and MSCI ESG Research
Consider these recent developments - California emerged from drought in 2017; fewer companies reported impacts associated with water scarcity; and the average freshwater intensity of companies in the MSCI ACWI Index dropped by 15 percent. While these are positive short term signals for investors concerned with water scarcity, 2017 was also the most costly in U.S. history for natural disasters. This underscored the thinking behind a key trend that MSCI ESG Research identified last year - institutional investors are shifting their portfolio analysis from the measurement of regulatory risks to physical risks.
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Hazel Henderson -

Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture may be Inevitable

Hazel Henderson
Author and Founder of Ethical Markets Media, Certified B-Corp.
In 2014, I predicted that "Desert Greening is the Next Big Thing", and it would be led by sustainable green investors. Surprisingly I am still waiting for the shift from humanity’s single minded focus on traditional agricultural crops (glycophytes) that rely on the planet’s three percent of fresh water. Why such a slow transition to more sustainable, nutrient-richer, salt loving (halophyte) plant foods, such as quinoa? Because vested interests in the vast incumbent global agro-chemical industrial complex are as powerful and persistent as those in the worldwide fossilized sectors.
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March 2018 Additional Articles

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Sustainable Finance: A closer look at one of the fastest melting glaciers

Sasja Beslik, head of Nordea Sustainable Finance, travels to the Jakobshavn Glacier and meets those tracking its dramatic changes.


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