April 2018

Women and Investing

April Featured Image: Bonnie Foley-Wong speaking about her book, Integrated Investing. Bonnie is the founder of Pique Ventures, an impact investment management company, and Pique Fund, an angel fund focusing on leadership diversity and women-led ventures. READ HER ARTICLE: Investment Decisions That Impact Your Career


- Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal 


Gender Equality: With or Without the Federal Government

Julie Gorte
SVP, Impax Asset Mgmt/Pax World Funds
Investors are more interested in gender equality than they ever have been before, judging by things like proxy voting and shareholder engagement. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, recently has signaled in its proxy voting guidelines that all-male boards are not acceptable, and noted that boards should have at least two women on them. Pax World has been voting like that for years and we know our impact will be multiplied if other investors vote similarly. Another large investor, State Street, reportedly voted against directors of 400 companies whose boards were all-male Read More


Emerging Challenges in Gender Lens Investing

Amy Domini
Founder, Domini Impact Investments
For the past several years Domini Impact Investments has been incubating a small portfolio that, in addition to other standards, applies a gender lens of the simplest nature. In order to qualify for stock purchase, the company must employ one female on the executive management team or have one female on the board of directors. The portfolio is unconstrained, multi-cap, global and opportunistic. Within this Wild West of a universe, this one standard has produced portfolio management challenges, personal challenges and frustration well beyond anything I had anticipated.
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Women in Finance: Plant Your Garden and Tend It

Jane Carten
President and Director, Saturna Capital
My path to finance has not been unusual; throughout my childhood, my parents ran an investment management and brokerage firm, so I grew up in the industry. Watching and admiring the dedication my parents put into their business and their careers showed me the value of entrepreneurship, independence, and of planting a garden and tending it. I’m grateful for the lessons in responsibility, hard work, and drive that have been ingrained in me, and early on it became obvious to me that finance could and should be a tool for good.
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Putting our Feminism into our Finances

Kristin Hull
Founder and CEO, Nia Impact Capital
From wealth advisors and fund managers, to start up entrepreneurs, to company leadership at the board and executive levels, intuitively we have long known the need for greater gender diversity within the financial industry. Research shows a variety of benefits for companies, and their investors, that embrace inclusivity. With findings that show diverse teams are more innovative (leading to increased revenue generation) and that companies with women in leadership perform better during times of financial uncertainty, we are well on our way to making a strong financial case for inclusion.
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April 2018 Additional Articles

Investment Decisions That Impact Your Career

By Bonnie Foley-Wong, Pique Ventures Some impact fund managers began their careers in traditional venture capital whilst other investors have found success previously as entrepreneurs. Read More

Pax World Funds Persuades Finance and Tech Companies to Close Gender Pay Gap

Sustainable Investment Firm Withdraws Pay Equity Shareholder Resolutions at Discover, HP, KeyCorp and US Foods Read More

Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2018 – New Report from Future 500

Global businesses can and must take the lead on environmental and social issues, because the future of sustainability is now in the hands of worldwide brands, their consumers, and the NGOs holding them accountable. Read More

ImpactAssets Releases IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Showcase

Industry’s only free, searchable resource of impact investing fund managers features firms that manage $29.2 billion in assets Read More

Sonya Dreizler, CFP Interviews Gloria Nelund, CEO, TriLinc Global

Impact Investing Success Story: Lending in Developing Countries - Improving Lives and Livelihoods While Generating Market Rate Returns Read More

Women, Politics and Climate Top Shareholder Issues for Proxy Season 2018

Corporate Annual Meetings will Reflect Opioid Crisis, Gun Laws, Board Diversity and more Read More

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